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Artist, Cook, Engineer2b

7 February 1986
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I am...

24, mostly black (with a touch of japanese and irish), college graduate, future engineer, nerd, fat, depressive, over technical, sarcastic, girlish, adult little girl, submissive, contemplative, southern, christian, random, compulsive over eater, guilt ridden,


ageplay, retro television, egl fashion, power engineering, my volunteer work, Pharrell Williams, Vincent D'Onofrio, Southern and Japanese Culture, anime, physics, making jewellry, nintendo wii, rhythm video games, sex, being tied up, science fiction,


ghetto people, stereotypes, ham, mayo, being fat.

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aaliyah, adult little girl, african american, age play, ageplay, alice auaa, alternative black american, amerie, angelic pretty, anime, asian dramas, asian fashion, bbw, bdsm, being cute, belly dancing, biking, binging, bondage, candy, christianity, chubby girls, clothes, collar bones, collars, coloring books, cosplay, counting calories, crayons, cute lolita, daddy, daddy's little girl, ddr, delta alpha zeta, depression, dir en grey, discipline, dita von teese, dresses, egl, elegant gothic lolita, exercise, extreme dieting, fantasy, fashion, fasting, fitness, frilly things, fruit, god, gothic and lolita bible, green tea, heart e, heart-e, honesty, ice cream, ieee, innocence, j-rock, japan, jpop, jrock, juice, juliette et justine, kimono, kyoto, larance, laxatives, liquid diet, little girl, lolita, long hair, losing inches, losing weight, love, lust, making out, malice mizer, mana, masochism, mental health, metamorphose temps de fille, mika nakashima, mixed ancestry, natural hair, navy blue, oakland, obese, orthodox, overweight, pageant dresses, perfection, petticoats, pigtails, pink, platforms, pouting, prayer, riona hazuki, roleplaying, rollerskating, romance, ruffled skirts, secrets, seeking perfection, sex, sexual role-play, sexuality, shibari, shinya, shirley temple, skirts, spankings, staying pure, submission, swimming, tape measurers, the pillows, thinspiration, three days grace, tied up, tokyo, trichotillomania, true love, trust, vegetables, venting, victorian maiden, vivienne westwood, water aerobics, weight loss, weight training, whips, wls, working out, yesstyle.com